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London Escorts and Human Trafficking

The escort industry in South and North London is facing two opposing developments that threaten to rock it to its core. On one hand we have former South and North escorts like coming forward proudly admitting being part of the scene. Personalities like Belle de Jour and the recently cleared Marie McKinlay, otherwise called as “Escort Madam”, has opened fresh public debate about the business’s existence which man have favorable or adverse repercussions later on.

On the other hand, a recent report on the rise of human trafficking into United Kingdom is casting a dark cloud over the industry. According to London city escorts the South and North London Escort service has long been regarded as a front for high-end prostitution and prostitution has long been identified as among the most prevalent destination of trafficked north London persons from , particularly young women.

One sticking issue of the situation is the reality that most of these trafficked north london persons actually enter the country legally with perfectly legitimate front sponsors. This means that many, if not majority, of these trafficked north london persons are traffick willingly albeit with a false promise of a better life once inside the country. Many of these persons come from poor communities who view any taste of the west, especially London, as a great leap forward. They may very well know the inherent risk they face in coming to the UK but it’s a risk they are willing to take if it means a hope of getting off the trap of poverty they have back home.

Traffick north london persons do not actually become South London escorts, at least not right away. If they do, they will be will be controlled by people who bought them from whoever traffick them in and pose as South and North London escorts, offering lower price of the same or even better quality of service. By legal definition, that would technically be not South London escort but prostitution. They may be dressed and taught to act like escorts or sold to some equally criminally-minded clients to perform some extreme sexual enactments. Still, their lack of appreciation and control of their situation makes them nothing more than prostitutes.

However, not a few of these persons will eventually learn how to get around the trade and the system. Like many of the existing escorts in London, they will rise from the immense initial adversity and may indeed become part of the real South and North London escorts scene from, not only earning more but eventually gaining social status enough to help their family back home. The entire escort establishment glistens with such heroic stories.

The remaining at such a point would their status as an immigrant. And that is not a small issue. Hued by the current paranoia brought about by the war on terror, a questionable immigration status can quickly become seriously problematic. Many escorts with illegal status would work at outskirt outfits like South and North London escorts thinking it will keep them away from the radar of the authorities.

While it is true that human trafficking can be tied with the escort business, it is not a relationship of mutual interest. If anything, the escort business offers an option for these lost souls where opportunities can be seized for a better future.